History of SNDA

In early 2007, 20-year-old Sumeet felt a void for a one stop artistic, holistic and all-round dance education center in the city of Mumbai. Sumeet had been training in Mumbai for over 5 years by then and had to travel for over 40-50 kms per day to different parts of the city to satisfy his training requirements. When he discussed this idea with Sasha, she agreed to the same and both of them conceptualized a studio named Expressions Dance & Fitness Studios. The Expressions Studios in Dadar, a humble 400 sq.ft space was started on 26th April 2007 and hosted multiple dance teachers/companies. Sumeet was one of the faculty and used to artistically design dances under the banner Expressions Modern Dance Company (EMDC). In a span of 2 years EMDC had garnered more than 200 full time students and had occupied the entire Expressions Studios space with organised and structured dance curriculums for children, youth and adults. Sumeet had started performing for various festivals, theatre venues and even film and television with his set of trained students and artists. Sasha on the other hand lead EMDC as the lead promoter and in 2010 renamed EMDC into SNDA as it is today that is Sumeet Nagdev Dance Arts occupying the entire studio space and expanding it even more into a 2000 sq.ft abode of artists. Since 2007 SNDA has not only performed world-wide but has been lauded by critics as - ‘Fluid & Fabulous’; ‘Company with a great future’; ‘Poetic & Philosophical’ and a lot more. SNDA is now running its operations into 2 divisions of - The Company that performs, choreographs, ideates and creates artistic productions and - The Academy that runs structured, planned and organised programs and courses for community and professional artists both. SNDA’s head office and studios are still based in Dadar, Mumbai whereas the company’s operations are expanding to various cities in India and abroad as well. On the personal front Sasha & Sumeet married in 2013 and were blessed with a son in 2015. They are still eager, excited and absolutely risk-taking individuals when it comes to developing and nurturing performing arts and artists.