Happy Women's Day!

We thought of starting this special series about SNDA artists on this special day.

Sara Shah, 15
SNDA Student since 2013

"From childhood, everyone used to ask me why are my toes like that? I used to tell them its from birth and they wouldn't believe and make me feel awkward at times and sometimes even kept asking me again and again.
But then slowly I made myself a little comfortable, still there was some awkwardness within myself and around people cause they used to look at me differently.

When I joined SNDA, during Dance Carnival (Students' Recital Show) my feet started hurting a lot, because the dancing hours were a lot more, so there was a lot of pain butI overcame it, I went to a doctor and she told me to put my feet in cold water, then Sumeet Sir suggested I put cotton in my shoes and I used to wear it regularly. After a long time it got cured and now I’m comfortable with everything cause now i can do what everybody can do. Sometimes with my classmate, I used to have a fight that even though I didn’t have toes, how I was able to point, that used to happen

There wasn’t a particular moment that changed it all, I used to dance from a very young age, and when I used to go to theearlier dance class, the teacher used to tell my mother that she cannot dance after a certain limit cause she doesn’t have toes.

At SNDA, I didn’t feel as insecure as I used to, but yes some students used to ask me but I figured that the teachers never asked cause they didn’t want to make me feel awkward and insecure. I understood that.

Now I don’t care whether or not I have toes, I can do what everybody can do, maybe even more. I just did a chair split for 5 minutes!

One change that I’ve seen in myself now is that at first I used to not score well in school academics, but now I manage both dance and academics and I am excelling in both. Dancing at SNDA has helped me become a better person. I believe I progressed cause I had faith in myself and my teachers believed in me that I could do it even though I don’t have toes, cause it doesn’t matter as long as you have faith in yourself you can do whatever you want."