In a Nutshell

At The Academy of SNDA, we see first-hand how dance can develop self-discipline, creativity, courtesy, fitness and team skills within our performing artists. Our work in the academy has shown that dance can be a powerful tool in motivating an individual to work hard to achieve their goals. Classes are designed to promote proper dance technique, correct body alignment, fitness, flexibility, musicality and joy of movement. We provide students with quality dance training in a professional, and nurturing method. Our classes focus on technical mastery as well as artistic and performance qualities. The Faculty strive for a positive environment in which students are part of the studio family.

At SNDA, Not only are the arts valuable in their own right, they also nurture creativity and encourage original thinking. We have worked hard to develop a vibrant studio culture that has a strong focus on developing a sense of community within the academy. Respect, encouragement and communication between teachers, students and parents are high priorities. We provide mentorship for student – teachers that in turn become role models for younger students.

Community Programs

SNDA’s core competence lies in performing arts programs such as Modern Contemporary, Modern Jazz, Modern Ballet, Hip-Hop, Gymnastics, Yoga and Bolly - Hop through a devised and planned program curriculum that is based on age groups and experience in dance training as well. There are programs for Tiny-Tots (2.5-4.5 years old), Toddlers (4.5 – 7 years old), Juniors ( 7 – 12 years old) as well as for Teens and Adults (All above 13 years of age) and within the age groups there are progressive levels for every dance program that helps students grow gradually. Some of our programs (Check Community Courses) use the content and curriculum of Common Wealth Society for Teachers of Dance (CSTD) allowing students to appear for exams every November and getting International Grading and accreditation.

Professional Dance Certification (PDC) Programs

For students who wish to make a career in dance or who feel they have the potential to take their talent to the professional level, this program is the answer to it. The PDC program is devised and designed in a way that covers major performing arts dance subjects in 4 semesters and also helps graduates from this program with placements. There is a part time program for working professionals, college or school students or homemakers who wish to pursue dancing while continuing with their alternative works; a full time program for teens or adults who are willing to spend most of their time with studying dance and a junior program in PDC that helps young dancers get ready for the dance world from an early age.

Students’ Recital & Film Festival

SNDA, since 2007 has held more than 20 students’ recitals for various occasions whereas Spark is our winter students’ recital held in Nov/Dec every year where each and every SNDA Student gets to participate and showcase his/her skills on stage in a professional atmosphere. In May/June SNDA has initiated Dance Film Festival where students will get to star in a music video of their own!

Opportunities for Students

Our Students have travelled many parts of India and even New York for various performances. The Company division regularly holds auditions for performances, ad films and music videos giving students exciting opportunities.

Student Testimonials

I have been made to feel confident and that has brought the best in me

Sara Shah, 15, SNDA Student since 2014

My Life has transformed because of the opportunities given to me

Jyoti Rajan, 23, Professional Dance Certification Student Since 2016

I have grown here! Like Literally and artistically

Gauri Varty, 24, SNDA Student since 2008

About the Faculty

SNDA is concurrently a performing arts company, which includes artists excelling in performance & choreography that travel worldwide and create works for Indian and Global audiences both. These powerful artists form the faculty of the academy. Most of the faculty have been trained intensively by Sumeet Nagdev who himself teaches pre-professional and professional classes and overlooks the artistic running of the academy division.